GrabCar Premium with Panasonic Nanoe X Generator Technology. Source: Liputan 6

Panasonic is working closely with Grab to demonstrate the importance of clean air quality. Especially in metropolitan cities, the air quality is predominantly poor due to pollution from vehicles to factories. Of course, clean air quality is the dream of every urban community. This prompted Panasonic to create an air purifier technology called the Nanoe X Generator.

For information, the Nanoe X generator consists of electrostatic atomic water particles measuring 480 billion OH radicals. This technology can remove odors, inhibit the activity of airborne bacteria, inhibit allergens from pets, and prevent harmful substances. Even this Nanoe X Generator can reduce cigarette odor within 12 minutes.

Through Panasonic’s clean technology process, the Nanoe X Generator is quite easy to apply. The size that is adjusted to the drink holder on the car dashboard makes this Air Purifier look very compact. Its use is easy, only requires a USB port via a car charging device.

Ken Mandel, Regional Managing Director of GrabAds, assessed this collaboration as a form of Grab’s support for the Panasonic “Quality Air for Life” campaign that is currently being implemented. Ken also explained that Grab will continue to take a collaborative approach with brands and agencies to create and launch impactful campaigns in Southeast Asia.

grab panasonic
Examples of Appearing Information on Applications and the Form of the Nanoe X Generator on GrabCar Premium. Source: Liputan 6

The Nanoe X generator will be applied to 5,500 GrabCar Premium vehicles as if it will be a mini exhibition. This technology will be deployed to four countries in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, including Singapore and Jakarta. The campaign will run for two months and will start on Thursday, January 14, 2021.

Placing products offline allows Grab customers to see and experience the Nanoe X Generator technology firsthand. Grab customers can also get further information about this technology through banner ads that appear on the application. That way, Panasonic and Grab can also take advantage of insights from applications that have been downloaded by as many as 214 million users throughout Southeast Asia.

The collaboration concept between Grab and Panasonic is a very mature marketing integration. According to Ken Mandel, this collaboration also reflects the belief that advertising is not only one-way, but also a two-way relationship that has an exchange of value between brands and customers.

GrabAds, which was originally intended as additional income for drivers, is now utilizing the Grab fleet as a complete Out of Home Advertising Platform in recent years resulting in integrated marketing. The placement of the Nanoe X Generator is also free of charge, so that any Grab driver can have the opportunity to try it.


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