City Friendly


The business concept that provides added value to a city is by creating products, services and infrastructure that are tailored to the needs or brand image of the city which will be financed by advertising space.

Fundamental of City Friendly Advertising

Mediamove with the concept of City Friendly Advertising combines strategic outdoor advertising with high creativity and prioritizes use value for the community.

Added Value
Care for the Environment & Locality

Fundamental City Friendly Advertising

By prioritizing local elements, cities and their people will benefit or benefit without impacting public finances and advertisers will have unique and creative advertising space in a premium area to interact with their consumers.

Supporting positive communities in providing public space
A unique way of creating an outdoor advertising medium
Supporting the government in rejuvenating public infrastructure
Addition of functional value to buildings and city infrastructure

Monorail GBK Area

The arrangement and tightening of advertising in the Gelora Bung Karno area resulted in high demand for advertising in the area. One of the central business locations in Jakarta. The limited number of advertising points in these locations has made MediaMove take the initiative to maximize the existing media, one of which is using the monorail pole in Senayan, which was discontinued in 2011.

These unfinished monorail pylons are often the target of vandalism and ruin the city’s aesthetics. MediaMove with the vision of City Friendly Advertising of course sees this as bad for the image of the city of Jakarta, therefore we took the initiative to brand this monorail pole as an alternative media for advertising and received a positive response from the Jakarta monorail.

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Bikesharing Wooden Bicycle based on Internet of Things

In order to maximize the tourism potential in an area, we carry a Bikesharing service program with a unique concept that is integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) features.

Presenting bikesharing services using bicycles made from processed rubber wood waste integrated with the internet of things system. A bicycle loan system using a QR code scan on a mobile application that is integrated with bicycles. People who want to borrow bicycles must first install the application. The financing scheme solution offered is in the form of compensation for outdoor advertising owned by the regional government so that it does not differentiate between the APBD.

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Conversion Former Bus Kopaja to Bus Kopaja with AC

Kopaja is one of the public transportation in Jakarta. However, the lack of enthusiasm from residents to use it is due to the condition of the bus fleet which is not well maintained. Then, the management of the Kopaja Cooperative contacted our team, to cooperate in procuring hundreds of AC Kopaja units.

Responding to this with the vision of City Friendly Advertising, we really appreciate it, because we can help many Kopaja transportation entrepreneurs improve their services to the public with more proper, safe and comfortable facilities. The procurement is carried out by way of advertising funding subsidies installed on the bus body.

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Building Wrap Creative Solution for Out of Home Advertising

Alternative advertising media without requiring land rent, utilizing existing office buildings is a distinct advantage. This is what we try to apply in branding the office building of one of our clients.

However, in branding this building, it has its own challenges, one of which is that the building that you want to brand is not just one building. Our client wants to brand several of our client’s branch office buildings in various cities in Indonesia.

Because the branding of dozens of buildings at the same time had never existed at that time, our achievement earned the MURI record “Branding of Buildings with the Largest Area & Number”

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Workflow Process

Preparations were carried out very carefully, with strict supervision in accordance with applicable operational standards.

materials that chosen are with safety standards
Ads Installation Process
Strict Control According to Operation

Together we develop the city with the concept of City Friendly

A dedication to show creations for the country.

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