Good advertising becomes the standard of whether to help promotion properly. We must have seen advertisements in various forms, media and even anywhere.

Therefore, by using media that considers the target market. Ads will work very well and succeed in their marketing.

Market research firm Yankelovich has even estimated that 6000 to 10,000 people are attracted to advertisements per day. This means that advertising does have a very strong impact on marketing.

Therefore, before determining the ad and target market, you should consider several things. So as not to waste money and it could be the media’s fault in the end.

How about Good Advertising?

The definition of advertising in general is a public announcement for promotional media. Oxford Languages ​​also discusses that advertising is a notification or announcement in a media.

This is to promote a product, service or event. Meanwhile, the Jeremy Bullmore Advertising Association in the UK gave a different opinion.

According to them advertising is a paid communication intended to inform or influence, 1975. Changed that advertising can also be unpaid or free.

Have a goal with the same outline. The purpose of an advertisement becomes quite important in a marketing. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the following things.

Defining Advertising Goals

In making advertising, we must determine how the marketing strategy. A product, business or event that you are going to present must have a distinctive character than others.

The campaign to be delivered has a message and is important. Not only to increase marketing, this is quite important for branding in the future.

There are several things that must be in an ad. Check out the following discussion to make a good ad.

Awareness or Exposure

By using informational advertising, it aims to increase awareness and exposure. Tell that the product you show is a new innovation with special features and the first.

Conversions or Conversations

Having a comparison goal, not only persuading or convincing. Because advertising will attract buyers to prove for themselves whether it is true that what is said is the truth.


The good ad so far that has a lasting impression is KFC. In 2018 they released an advertisement which was a play on KFC to FCK.

Had a purpose to apologize for running out of chicken stock in the UK. So the company actually made an unforgettable moment at that time with an empty bucket logo with the FCK logo.

Advertising Benefits

In addition to being to make marketing up, advertising can also inspire the audience. Well, here are the benefits of advertising.

For Consumers

Advertising will be a comparative information of a product. The target will be the decision to make a purchase based on the information released.

Customers can be much more aware of the available features. The advantages and services they will provide will be the standard of comparison.

For Advertisers

The benefits of advertising for advertisers will provide a branding in the future. The image of a brand and product will be a better thing if you upload a successful ad.

In addition, the product will be much more widely known. Improve all things related to products, services or events.

Ad Type

The types and media used in making their own advertisements are quite diverse. Moreover, the development of the digital era has made us even more helpful.

Print media

Good advertising can use print media. In public, this type of advertisement is the oldest media since its appearance, for example, brochures, posters, newspapers, magazines and others.

Broadcast Ads

Apart from being printed, advertisements can also be broadcast in audio, such as radio and television. Now there are many more media such as podcasts which are online radio.

This type is available along with a jingle or slogan. Then it will create an interesting and unforgettable characteristic.

Public facilities

Using public facilities such as bus stops, stations, park bench buses, and others. This can also be a pretty effective ad because it moves from place to place to get a lot of audience.


The most recent thing is digital advertising. This affiliate media is an option for you because it is pay per click on a website. Has a broad reach and is effective for all types of advertising.

Product Integration

A good ad will use a smooth or subtle way. However, they have a larger budget, such as in broadcasting films, television, and others.

Examples of Famous Product Ads

Some examples of advertisements from world famous products like this. Absolut Bottle, Got Milk?, Clairol:Does She or Doesn’t She?, BBC: Dracula Billboard, Nike: Just Do It, Coca-Cola: Share a Coke.

DeBeers: A Diamond is Forever, Budwiser: “Whassup”, Procter & Gamble: Thank You, Mom. Always: #LikeAGirl, Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, Google: Year in Search.

Good advertising has its own purpose and characteristics. With several things that can be considered to make it happen.


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