The fierce business competition climate becomes one of the obstacles for a brand owner to develop and maintain their products and services. This also includes relatively large budget expenditures. The brand activation strategy, also known as brand activation, is considered the right solution to market a product while remaining consistent and focused on its relationship with its users.

What is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is a form of activity in development/promotion. Brand activation correlates the service or products closer to the consumers through various activities to attract their attention. By doing this, at least an emotional connection with consumers can be created. 

This will be the starting point for the successful activation of the brand. A stronger relationship with customers proves a success and increases quality interactions. These factors increase the possibility of the customers buying the same products as if they are addicted to them. 

Forms of Brand Activation

Various activities can be performed online or offline to support brand development. This millennial era allows you to communicate through different kinds of social media. 

The two brand activation methods mentioned above have the same level of success, namely successfully building brand awareness, generating consumer interest to try a product, and building good and closer relationships with customers. The forms of Brand Activity, according to Wallace (2012), are: 

Promotions Activation

This form of brand activation is considered a special promotion related to products or services. This form of brand activation includes rebates or discounts, attractive packaging, lucky draws, new product launches, the use of brand ambassadors, and much more.

Direct Marketing Activation

This kind of brand activation involves direct contact with consumers. The activities include interviews through electronic media, print, sampling, in-store activation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and so on.

Social Media Activation

In contrast to direct marketing activation, this kind of brand activation relates directly to consumers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Email Blast.

Marketing Event Activation

Like the name, marketing event activation activities are carried out through exhibitions, brand ambassador selection contests, arena games, etc.

Sponsorship Activation

The form of activity is to become a sponsor of an activity or event—for example, funding music activities, sports, prestigious events, and so on.

You can combine two or three forms of brand activation mentioned above by adjusting them to the needs and characteristics of the target consumer.

The Importance of Organizing Brand Activity

Although brand activation is generally done face to face, it is possible to develop it online. Here are some of the benefits obtained from a Brand activation:

Receiving Feedback

Often promotional activities are carried out bidirectionally (between the brand and consumers), facilitating the reciprocal relationship. This makes it possible to ask for opinions, suggestions, and input from customers about the products or services offered by the company where you work. 

Strengthening The Brand’s Position

By performing brand activation, a brand is expected to achieve the conditions for success, including brand loyalty, switching, and awareness. Automatically, if the three elements are increasing, the influence on the company’s brand position is also getting stronger.

More people will know about the products or services offered. Hence, they will be able to make purchases.

Obtaining Consumers Data

When participating in exhibition activities carried out by the company’s brand ambassador, ask for complete data on the visitors that visit the boot. Hence, you can understand the characteristics of customers and can easily contact them in the future.

Reaching New Costumers

The function of brand activation is to attract customers and get new customers. The advantages of the goods and services you offer will help the consumers decide to be regular customers.

Getting new customers is not as easy as turning your palm. You have to work hard to make a good impression so that people can become customers of your brand.

Worth Trying Brand Activation Ideas 

Generally, there are various ways and efforts of brand activation that can be implemented. These efforts can create an experience for consumers to strengthen the company’s brand position. Here is an idea for a form of brand activation you can try.

Customer Experience Promotion (Contour)

Presenting the customer experience as something society has never seen or done before. This promotional idea is quite unique.

Encourage Customers’ Promotion

In this millennial era, all activities revolve around social media. The way to generate social buzz is to encourage customers to upload your company brand. This type of brand activation can prove that there are good relationships between the brand and consumers. 

Provide the Company’s History to Build the Consumers’ Trust

To build consumers’ trust, you can try this one great idea. Tell us about the origin of the company from its inception to the current condition. That way, consumers will know the company’s commitment so that it will foster confidence in themselves.

Utilizing Technology

The advancement in technology is wide open for marketing activation. This marketing idea allows for an excellent direct relationship between you and the consumer.

Include All Team

The biggest asset of corporate brand promotion is team cohesiveness. This can create awareness of the critical value of the company’s brand.

The Success Story or Examples with Brand Activation Activities

Brand activation is intensively carried out at certain moments. We can watch it either on the TV screen or your phone screen.

One example of brand activation is the brand activation of a syrup brand. They carry out brand activation activities during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. The target market is the general public who are fasting, especially mothers. 

Brand activation activities are carried out in full 360°. The syrup brand attracts the interest of mothers who generally cook for their families at dawn and before fasting.

In the digital world, this syrup brand will not stop interacting by presenting the type of foods that can be served by using the syrup, such as “es buah” recipe or just recipe for the syrup. 

The brand also shares photos and videos from people who have successfully made processed foods by using their syrup. 

While in offline activities, brands always create marketing booths with a unique appearance in supermarkets and traditional markets. Not infrequently, the sales of the syrup brand provide free syrup samples for those who are interested. 

The series of activities above aims to create a memorable experience to produce a strong bond between the brand and consumers. It is expected that the syrup brand company can encourage increased sales and customer loyalty in using the syrup brand.

Conclusion of the Implementation of Brand Activation 

Brand activation is performed as a marketing strategy. Besides organizing events well, each brand must have a research team to explore insights from urban to rural. 

Not only prioritizing how much impact the brand has on the brand itself, but also focusing on how much brand activation affects consumers to develop a brand loyalty. 

You can organize brand activation in effective ways. It would be nice if the marketing strategy was packaged exclusively and attractively to create more loyalty from consumers.

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