The outdoor advertising industry is unique, if you use it with brilliant ideas, it will really attract attention. The term “war” in the world of advertising such as billboards is when business owners or brands offend each other through advertisements on BillBoard or the like. Billboards in Jakarta, which were so many, were always an option in advertising. Tight competition between brands is often seen at several Billboard Jakarta locations.

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Not a few brands in Indonesia have been involved in ad competition on Billboard, but what happens if an artist uses BillBoard as a “war” field? yes, that’s what happened recently and it’s just getting immediate public attention. Deddy Corbuzier and Ivan Gunawan fought each other using Billboard.

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At first it started when Deddy Corbuzier intended to advertise his Youtube Channel, but in fact Ivan Gunawan saw the BillBoard then responded with Instastory and said he would not want to watch Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube Podcast forever. Hearing this, Deddy Corbuzier did not remain silent, Deddy put the BillBoard back in many locations in Jakarta that Ivan Gunawan used to frequent, such as in apartments, workplaces, even renting an LED box car and parked in Ivan Gunawan’s parking lot.

This seemed to haunt Ivan Gunawan wherever he went, Ivan also said he would repay him. Sure enough, right in front of Deddy’s BillBoard, Ivan also installed a BillBoard with the words “Instead Watching a Podcast, Better Doing Salon Treatment”. This feud finally caught the public’s attention and many netizens said this was a sultan-style joke. It is known from the TV broadcast of Deddy’s Corner, Dinar Candy said that Deddy spent 5.6 billion rupiahs for advertising in eight locations. Although the truth of this figure cannot be ascertained, one thing that is certain is that advertising on Billboard or Videotron is not cheap.

This is the other side of the creative use of outdoor advertising, competition between brands and artists can increasingly attract advertisements to be seen by many people. If you are interested in doing the same, we MediaMove are ready to help with our premium outdoor advertising locations scattered in many city centers. For further interactions you can follow our social media accounts or call us at 0813-1301-0116.


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