Senayan Monorail Pole Billboard Turns Blue. Source: Mediamove Property

A total of 14 monorail pillars in Senayan turned blue thanks to the branding done by Ajaib. The magic tone color of blue makes the streets of Asia Africa full of the blue rays of the monorail pillars. The advertisement, which is planned for two months, has just finished the installation last week (7/1).

Currently, the trend of investing in stocks and mutual funds is starting to soar, especially among Indonesian youth. Often it appears in discussions on various social media, especially TikTok and Youtube, which are the source of the high demand for investment by young people. Ajaib, is one of the many stocks and mutual fund investment managers who are widely discussed by the millennial community.

Ajaib has started to launch their branding since the last few months. It has appeared on social media several times and has become a discussion for young Indonesians who intend to invest. For information, Ajaib is an application that helps users to invest in mutual funds and stocks online.

Whether experienced or not, Ajaib provides various lessons about investing. Thus, Ajaib guides its users to understand how to invest in a safe and knowledgeable manner. Having been registered with OJK and IDX is certainly the basis for user trust to use Ajaib as an investment partner.

Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) Becomes Ajaib Brand Ambassador. Source:

Some time ago Ajaib even made a scene by hooking one of the Korean drama actors “Start Up” as the Ajaib’s Brand Ambassador. Kim Seon Ho, or as Han Ji Pyeong is known in his drama, acts as a mentor for the Start Up team who joined the Sandbox. This Korean drama itself had become a conversation among young people because it provided many lessons in building business to investing in addition to love stories.

The installation of visual advertisements, which was carried out on February 6 and 7, was interrupted several times due to the heavy rain that flushed the city of Jakarta that night. However, the visual installation was completed on time and ready to blueen Senayan for two months.

The selection of Senayan monorail pillar billboards as Ajaib’s advertising media is considered very appropriate, because of its very strategic location and in accordance with the demographics of the target of Ajaib’s advertising message. The Senayan area, which used to be a place for young people to gather and exercise, is a distinct advantage when advertising on the Senayan Monorail Pillar.

Miracle Visual Installation at the Senayan Monorail Pillar. Source: Mediamove Property


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