The benefits of using OOH Advertising would be interesting things for us to discuss. Because advertisements that use the outside area of the house also have many types and are interesting.

Recently, this media has managed to become a trend again. Although its existence has decreased since the Covid-19 pandemic.

But in the end, this type of media managed to maintain the reason it was chosen. Especially when conditions have started to improve and outdoor activities start to return.

Many people think because this media is in decline. So they took advantage of using the media that had held the promo.

Various Benefits of Using OOH Advertising, What’s Unique?

So, here we will give a consideration of why and what we will get from using this one ad. So for those of you who are interested or are considering it, see our full discussion below.

Not Missed

First, if you use advertising with this one medium, of course there will be a high possibility to reach an audience. Its placement in a strategic location will make it successful in becoming the main focus and attention.

This one media will make us increase sales or traffic. Moreover, the use of invitations with interesting pictures and words.

Effective Time

Next we will benefit from advertising that even reaches the right time. For example, when we use OOH Ads which are located on the side of the road with large advertisements.

When passers-by will alternate at a certain time which is very effective. Then at least people will pay attention to the ad.

The benefits of using OOH Advertising are like regularly making people familiar with the advertising info. In contrast to advertisements on other media which are not very effective at attracting an audience.

So when using this one media platform, we must consider its location appropriately. In a strategic location and busy alternately will make it work effectively.


Furthermore, the benefits of using this one ad are of course because of its interactive nature. Comes with full motion audio and video with proven quality.

People will love to pay attention to interesting and quality content according to their personal opinion. Especially in this digital era, we can make it look responsive.

One of the benefits of using OOH Advertising is the existence of advanced developments such as sensors. So when someone passes by there is an interaction that can attract the audience and even make it an interesting conversation.

Some media even add a QR code that can be accessed by passers-by. So that it creates interesting interactive communication.

Creating an Impression

Furthermore, when we promote using this one media, it will create its own impression. Even from Nielsen Research states that this type of advertising gets a positive rating.

Especially in times of awakening after the pandemic made this media trusted again. The benefits of using OOH Advertising provide positive associations in the audience who see it.

So you can consider this one medium if a brand or product wants to pursue a market assessment. One of them is a campaign or even a certain event.

Target Audience

Then you can get the target audience of an advertisement effectively. You can customize who the ad is actually aimed at.

For example, when the target is productive age employees, installation at bus stops or busy roads that have waiting breaks is like a red light. You can use several options for this kind of thing as an appropriate target exit.

Because the benefits of using OOH Advertising can be adjusted flexibly. Without any certain limitations, it is even very beneficial for its users.

Ad Reach

From observations, it is stated that this media has succeeded in increasing the audience which has even reached twice as much as other types of advertising. So that some brand campaigns even invite people to use this media.

Because even though it seems classic, advertising media directly has a real direct impact. Therefore you can consider using this one ad.

OOH Advertising or Outdoor Advertising

This type of advertisement deliberately uses an area located outside the house. So that the target and audience we get will be more and have the potential to get attention.

Well if you want to use this one ad, you can choose various types. Starting from billboards, advertisements at bus stops, on cars or public transportation and much more.

All types of advertising that are outdoors fall into this one media category. We ourselves must often come into contact with this advertising media, we just don’t understand it further.

The benefits of using OOH Advertising that we discussed are not found in other media. So the decision to use or not is up to each of you.


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