Billboard is one of the advertising media in the form of a board. In general, it has a large size with a design in the form of images and writing. The benefits of billboards as advertising media are able to attract the attention of the general public, because they are generally installed in strategic locations.

Most billboards are posted on roadsides, main street corners, and busy crossroads. The billboard is in the form of a poster with a large size, then placed in a high place and many people pass by.

Benefits of Billboard as an Advertising Media

In an increasingly modern era like today, billboard designs are designed with the latest technological designs. Draft designs using a computer and print them on vinyl paper. In addition, billboard benefits in terms of wider market coverage.

Advertising using billboard media is indeed wider in scope, but in terms of cost it is quite expensive or reaches deeper into the pocket. However, this one medium is more effective than the others.

The most important benefit of billboards is as an advertising medium or a communication tool from producers to consumers. Thus they or new products will be easier to introduce to buyers. In addition, it can improve the company’s image, both for its products and services.

Even the use of billboards as a media for product promotion or other information can be individuals, services, institutions, or companies. Billboards are one of the most effective communication media between merchants and buyers.

The next advantage of using billboards is to attract attention so that the message can be received well. If on television commercials it is usually between 10 to 30 seconds, but on billboards it is usually only 8 seconds. That way, cars or other fast-moving vehicles can still pay attention to the message.

Advantages of Billboard

Billboards are large and conspicuous. So it will be easier to attract the attention of the target. Because it is located outdoors, especially on the side of a busy road, the target is very broad.

The benefits of billboards will target the target market without any restrictions on age, occupation, hobbies, and others. To convey a message that is repeated, billboards are the right medium.

In addition, it is suitable when using it for branding a brand or product. It can also be used as an information board that can be seen 24 hours a day. Distinctive design and spacious size will easily attract attention.

If many are interested then the sales volume will increase. Even the popularity, product image, and company will increase as well. More interestingly, the benefits of billboards can be used for various things such as social activities or fundraising.

Besides the advantages, billboards also have some disadvantages. So you can carefully consider the use of billboards as a promotional medium, to improve your brand, image, or other purposes. Because the cost for installation is very high.

In addition, the design and idea of ​​the story must be interesting so that people who see it get a lot of information. Then billboards are short-term advertising media, are passive, and cannot target certain markets.

It is possible that only a few road users understand it, because the viewing time is very short. Even this ad can’t provide feedback. Then the information provided is very limited.

Difference between Billboard and Billboard

Billboard is a notice board or notification media in the form of a large board. Installation of billboards outdoors, especially on the roadside.

The design of the billboard has changed with the development of technology. In the past, the designs were in the form of videos and animations. But now the benefits of billboards are to serve ads online with digital transformation as a substitute for advertising materials.

Construction billboards can stand alone using poles or and permanently attached to the building.

Consrial to install billboards in the form of wood, metal, cloth, glass, plastic, waterproof paper, and LCD or LED flat screens.

Meanwhile, billboards also become advertising media. However, it is semi-permanent. For this reason, the use of materials adjusts. For example, from bamboo, wood, or screen printing.

Billboards are promotional media that are short-term or fast. For example political campaigns, matches, concerts, and events.

If the billboard is installed correctly and correctly, it will get more attention than other conventional media. For that, you should use interesting words so that they will leave a deep impression.

Billboards have various types, such as LEDs, painted bulletins, neon box kinetic boards, poster panels, prism text, and so on. Its size also varies, it can be installed vertically or horizontally.

An effective billboard installation must convey the message clearly. The installation location must not be obstructed by anything and must be in a strategic place, so it is necessary to carry out site testing before placing it. To get the optimal benefit of billboards, you should use attractive colors, bold type, clear and easy-to-understand words.


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