If you live in or have crossed major cities in a country, surely you will see so many billboards plastered along the streets in that city. For example, New York with its Times Square, Jakarta with its Sudirman-Thamrin, all of that look beautiful and also spoil the eye for anyone, even become a tourist spot.

However, is all billboard management in big cities like Jabodetabek completely orderly and tidy like Times Square or Thamrin? Of course not. Not a few billboards in Jabodetabek are in locations that are not taken into account, reducing the aesthetics of the city and to the detriment of the environment. If something like that happens, then how would the product displayed or displayed on the billboard be seen, while the maintenance of the billboard itself looks like it’s neglected.

To overcome this, one of them starts with the concern of the advertising service provider itself, which is needed to preserve the environment and take into account all the impacts that arise from the placement and construction of outdoor advertisements such as billboards and other media. The construction, construction and maintenance of billboards is not only concerned with strategic location, but also takes into account how the treatment should be carried out and what other benefits can be provided besides being a place to advertise.

Broadly speaking, that is what is called City Friendly Advertising or CFA which was initiated by the outdoor advertising service provider MediaMove. City Friendly Advertising does not only point to the interests of clients to advertise their products and services, but also think about how to provide outdoor advertising that is environmentally friendly, indulgent, useful and fully functional, so of course this becomes a mutually supportive ecosystem.

Until now, MediaMove has made several breakthroughs related to City Friendly Advertising, one of which is the newest LED Ornament Kujang Bogor, which is located on Jl. Raya Padjajaran, Bogor, West Java. This Bogor Kujang Ornament LED Billboard is made by promoting aesthetic value and proper and correct utilization. With its placement in West Java, MediaMove uses accents of traditional cultural touches to introduce and educate the public about traditional weapons from West Java, namely Kujang.

Thus, the benefits of outdoor advertising media by implementing City Friendly Advertising can be felt by all parties involved, service users are more comfortable promoting on billboards that are well-maintained, the community and local government can feel the increased aesthetic value of the city, and both produce the center of attention. which benefits both of them too.

After knowing this, do you still want to advertise with an ordinary concept that even tends to damage the environment, or are you ready to accept all the benefits of advertising with City Friendly Advetising MediaMove? Contact us immediately to find out more.


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