Times Square is one of the popular places in Manhattan, New York City, United States. The sparkling Billboard Times Square displays world famous figures and various well-known brands or brands of goods. Not a few local brands to Indonesian celebrities are plastered on the billboards in the Times Square area.

Times Square is one of the most iconic places in the metropolitan maze that you must visit when visiting New York City. This place is very crowded and is the reason why many advertisers around the world invest here. They compete for one of the strategic spots on the iconic billboard.

Advertisers can reach more than 40 million people every year. In fact, research shows that companies can make millions of dollars just by having this square-shaped billboard.

Creative Advertising on Billboard Times Square

Times Square has several sensory advantages. Many people you have to pass, then the iconic square is surrounded by skyscrapers. In addition, the support of hundreds of street actions can also help attract the attention of many people

Advertisers compete for the best billboard. To the unforgettable creative advertising as an industry icon. One of the best ways is to use LED screens and create interactive campaigns that engage the audience.

There are so many Billboard Times Square, but did you know that there are some of them that are considered very prestigious. It depends on the selection of days and duration of installation. So the cost of renting billboards varies.

Times Square is the best place for promotion or advertising. Because, the area every day is always passed by people passing by.

Even the many billboards in the area make the light from Times Square can be seen from space. The row of billboards in this iconic place uses various advanced technologies, so the advertisements displayed will surely attract the eyes of anyone who passes by.

Here’s an example of a promotion using the most impressive Times Square billboard of all time. Anyone can use a strategy like this to raise the brand, brand, or improve the good image of the company.

Real Review Streaming

Times Square billboards encourage more advertisers to be more transparent with the ads they deliver. That way the audience will trust the review more. Then the effort that continues to be made so that the ad can be seen by everyone is to display it in real time on the big screen.

Real Cars on Billboard

Miniature cars on billboards become a unique advertising medium. The next phenomenal thing is spectacular advertising techniques. The reason is that on a Times Square billboard, a car company showcased the model on the side of the billboard.

The view of the miniature car is so real, it will make anyone who looks at it amazed. The car stuck to the billboard on the side of the skyscraper is an unusual sight.

Coloring competition

Many advertisers also hold various drawing competitions using real time to support their latest models. This was once done by one of the leading car companies.

The first step is to invite people in Times Square to use their iPhones, then send them pictures. Then the image will be pulled onto a billboard to be seen by thousands of eyes. This will show the expertise of talented people.

Live Dance for Kids

There are many ways that companies do to introduce a brand. One of the best solutions for major brands in the world using Times Square at launch.

Kids visiting Times Square will have fun using the brand’s products. Then the children are authentically involved in their advertising. These special moments were recorded and played on a Times Square billboard.

Who does not feel happy about it. So the children will be very enthusiastic. This brilliant idea will also be a separate entertainment for people who are passing by, the joy of children is an exciting spectacle.

Using Multiple Screenboards

Large companies use their expertise to create billboard advertisements in Times Square. Using dozens of different billboard screens at once is one powerful way.

The billboard on the 23rd floor can be clearly seen. The large advertising space can record various scenes clearly. Moving ads on multiple screens will amaze the audience. They seem to be watching a movie in real time. You can even feel like you’re seeing a real event in the ad

Hundreds of Times Square billboards make for a very impressive billboard example. To get the attention of the audience today there is a high standard for dealing with the competition. So that advertisers must always pour a variety of creativity and broad thinking.


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