In this era, especially in the developed countries of outdoor advertising media growth pole has begun to diminish. Many have turned to alternative media, such as the use of advertising media on city or building accessories. Because in some parts of the country such large billboard poles is considered dangerous and disturbing view of the view of a city. Likewise with our country, currently billboards like in Jakarta, Bogor, Makassar or other big cities in Indonesia. It looks so dense and quite a lot, even though regulations in some cities are starting to stand. Such as the reduction of billboards in Jakarta on main street that has begun to diminish.

media iklan alternatif

Jakarta has started a lot of standing Videotron. But the videotron stands not using a growth pole but rather attached to multi-storey buildings (fascade building). And actually this is what will happen in the next 10 years. Where advertising media will use more digital media. Then what about static media? Find out the difference here.

With strict government regulations that do not allow development with a growing pole. Then it becomes an opportunity for outdoor advertising agencies to place ads on city accessories. And we have realized this, including LED ornament kujang in the city of Bogor. We changed the general street lighting (PJU) to be more attractive with the addition of a videotron screen, the Kujang shape was made very detailed and realistic to resemble the original kujang weapon typical of Padjajaran so that it had a very attractive aesthetic value.

media iklan alternatif

Photo of Ornament Kujang Bogor

Besides videotron in Bogor City, previously mediamove had succeeded in changing the monorail pole in the Senayan area. We use the pole that looks abandoned and becomes a place of vandalism to be transformed into a media that has a beautiful aesthetic value.

media iklan alternatif

Photo of Monorail Pole Senayan Jakarta

When we see from developed countries, the use of accessories city is becoming more and more creative advertising media. The big brands dare to spend more to make them more attractive promotions and a maximum. For example like a street lamp that is changed like hot Coffee that is poured in a glass. There is also a shoe store that the store building in the change looks like a shoe box, bus stops are made as to display frozen ice for cold drinks. There are many other interesting and creative advertising out there but it is not impossible that we can make happen in Jakarta or in other cities in Indonesia. Here we attach ideas from outside that promote brand with unique and interesting way.

billboard jakarta sewa harga city friendly advertising harga sewa baliho

Alternative Advertising Media Photo Attractive and Creative

by utilizing city accessories into outdoor advertising media. We are ready to apply and do it with the concept of City Friendly Advertising. What is City Friendly Advertising ? Learn more in the our next article. You have a unique and interesting advertising idea, make your idea come true by contacting us at 0813-1301-0116 or you can send the proposal to the email address [email protected] . To realize your idea with alternative advertising media, we wait for you.


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