Lingkedin be quite promising platform in the 2019’s. If in the past it was only a place to look for job vacancies. But now people are starting to be active in making linkedin like other platforms. By making a status, article, or relationship related to business seriously.

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The strategy that we can do to add power to get followers or listeners there are 2 things that can be done in a balanced way that Entertaiment and Education. Let’s take an example from Instagram by becoming an interesting, funny account, by following the development of existing information and also providing a better picture of education or an invitation to change. Of course it will attract a lot of followers or listeners by doing these 2 things simultaneously. But the problem is that people generally create content for their personal interests by expecting consumers to be able to directly think about it.

Here are five marketing strategies we can apply in linkedin to 2019.

          On linkedin there are features (what people are talking about now) actually this feature can be said to be similar to the top feature of a photo on hastag that is on Instagram. From this linkedin feature, look for the top 5,10,20 of the conversations that are quite interesting. Give your ideas or opinions regarding the topics discussed. Give comments in accordance with the language of the company or the foundation of your company’s value. From there other people will see how attractive your company is and can even find out about your company.

          Post or create a discussion of content that is quite interesting, so that it can provoke other people or your followers to comment on the article that was created. If it becomes an interesting conversation, of course there will be many new people who can see your company account.

          Connect between linked accounts and e-mails that are quite active in dealing directly with people who know your company. So that makes it easier for connections with people who have the same field as you.

          Don’t spam messages with other people, many sales people or entrepreneurs receive spam from linkedin and that is quite disturbing for them. Don’t impress followers / followers that your company account is only a spam account.

          Use Linked in as a home or a place to gather people with invitations to make interesting events. Arrangement by inviting through the video of the creative so that later invite other people to participate and know more about the purpose that is formed from your company.



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