In Indonesia, billboard advertising is booming. We will find this type of advertisement in big cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and Medan. It is not surprising that along the streets of these cities are full of billboards or billboards of various sizes.

Even though it is quite expensive, entrepreneurs still use the technique of installing billboards as a promotional medium. Because the impact of advertising like this is very effective and extraordinary.

Here are the Benefits of Placing Billboard Ads

There are many reasons for entrepreneurs to install billboards along strategic, crowded roads, and many people and vehicles pass by. This is because advertising using billboards provides many benefits, compared to making advertisements in a conventional way.

Billboard is believed to be more effective and efficient. The following are the benefits of installing billboards as the right promotional media.

1. More Flexible

The use of billboards is more flexible in determining advertising styles and colors than conventional advertising types. So that consumers are interested in your ad, make it as creative as possible.

The size of the billboard ad can be adjusted based on the needs. Usually these billboards use the best lighting.

This makes road users pay more attention to advertisements with attractive lights. Usually, billboards are static, so that everyone who sees them will pay attention even at a glance.

2. More Efficient

Indeed, advertising billboards must cost a lot of money. However, you have to compare with the benefits obtained. Obviously these costs will look cheaper.

Not only that, there will be no additional costs when you rent the billboard. Thus the budget expenditure for advertising or promotion can be reduced or more efficient.

3. More Effective

Brand is a company’s brand image that has a very important position. It is important for companies to create brands to exist more. Because consumers will be more familiar with the company with a brand.

The benefits of the brand are so great that many companies create attractive brands. Currently, the use of billboard advertisements for a company brand will be better for brand image and brand awareness.

4. More Consumer Reach

Installation of billboards should be in a strategic place. So that everyone who passes can immediately see the ad easily.

If the billboard is installed correctly, it is possible that every day thousands of pairs of eyes will pay attention to your ad. That way the advertising objective meets the target.

You can choose a location that many targets pass through. If it has a specific target consumer goals.

Interestingly, billboard ads have the potential to be seen continuously by target consumers. Even with the target billboard media can see every day. If it takes place continuously, consumers will automatically memorize the advertisements that are installed. This includes the brand you build.

5. Directing Consumers to Use Products

Billboard ads are likely to be seen all the time. Then over time will arise curiosity. After that there is a desire to try the product.

Well, this is the reason why use billboard advertising as a promotional medium. Strategic location support combined with attractive advertising content makes consumers have the desire to buy products. Through billboards, you can offer various products easily.

Billboard advertising acts as a medium of communication between producers and consumers. In addition, the use of this billboard as a medium for promoting products, services, or other information, either individually, by an institution, or by a company.

Among merchants and buyers, billboards have become an effective medium. If using conventional advertising such as television, it will take about 10 to 30 seconds. In contrast to billboards, usually only takes a short time of approximately 8 seconds. That way, even though motorbikes, cars, and other vehicles are traveling very fast, they can still pay attention to the message.

Reasons to Use Billboard

Billboards are usually large and conspicuous. This is able to attract the attention of the public, especially on busy city streets with a broad target. The targeted market without any restrictions on age, hobbies, occupations, and others.

The distinctive design will attract more attention, it can even be installed 24 hours a day. Billboard advertising will increase popularity, product image, and company. Even better, you can also inform various kinds of social activities through billboards.

You need to know, billboards are different from billboards. In general, billboards are designed to keep up with the times. In the past, we used video and animation, now we use digital transformation as a substitute for creatives.

Then the billboard construction is permanently attached to the building or stands with its own pole supports. While billboards are semi-permanent. The materials used can be bamboo and wood added with screen printing cloth.

Billboard advertisements should be placed in strategic locations without any obstruction. Then use attractive designs, clear and concise messages, and adequate lighting. Thus you will get the maximum benefit of billboards.


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