Along with the development of the times, the field of advertising is also progressing quite rapidly. Even with just one click, prospective companies who will introduce their own brand can easily display it. It is not surprising then that so many marketing service providers or companies are competing to attract the attention of consumers. Advertising materials are made to meet the needs or adapt to the activities of potential customers.

Smart Out of Home Media & Creative OOH Media has also undergone changes. Now many are using digital technology. Media that can be used are, for example, billboards or videotrons. In addition to the media that are required to advance, service providers are also required to be more creative. OOH service providers must be able to facilitate the company’s needs by reading the habits of their potential customers.

However, is the way of advertising with OOH still considered effective? Especially now that there are so many ways to advertise that are considered easy, cheap, and accessible to many people?

DOOH Advertising excellence

It is undeniable that there are many choices of promotional media at this time. However, out of home media or digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is still one of the right choices to increase branding.

Why is that? Here are 5 reasons why you should use OOH media for brand promotion.

1. Clear Target Consumers

The targets that OOH or DOOH want to aim at are road users who are indeed bored of waiting, are on the road, or accidentally read advertisements. Especially if the advertisement is made attractive, it will definitely attract the attention of potential consumers.

DOOH targets those who are ‘on going’. Its presence to fill the void of road users or waiters is able to instill in the mind of the customer to provide a feeling of awareness. The impression given really stole the attention of road users.

2. Be more trusted

Advertising using DOOH media turns out to have a high level of “trust” in the people’s hearts. According to research released by Marketing Sherpa, 2017, the DOOH type of advertising is more trusted by customers.

Advertising using DOOH indicates that the company or advertiser is serious about introducing the brand. Usually, the brands that are introduced are easy to get or are in the vicinity of potential consumers. Especially if the advertising material contains challenges that are currently facing many potential consumers.

3.More Views

Advertisements using OOH are usually in the form of billboards or videotrons, which are seen more than others. This is in accordance with the research that has been done. The research was conducted to see how the role of this advertising media.

In that study, 75% of people thought that OOH was able to give them something to enjoy or see when they were out of the house. This is because OOH can be a separate entertainment to accompany various activities while outside. Especially if the promotion is made unique, attractive, striking, and is being needed by the community.

4. Make the Brand More Known

OOH is also able to make a brand stand out more than those promoting using other media. OOH makes brands don’t just exist. But there are stories or intentions that make consumers just curious or genuinely interested.

In addition, when a person is presented with the same view every day, the product will be embedded in his brain. Research conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) states that around 71% of people feel more positive about a brand emblazoned on OOH.

No wonder the campaign whether during the election for regional heads, president, or a product still uses this media a lot.

5. Easy and Efficient

Choosing to do OOH advertising is now quite easy. There are lots of companies that are involved in this field. However, you must be selective in choosing the Smart Out of Home Media & Creative OOH Media companies to work with.

The first thing to do when choosing OOH advertising is to determine the advertising material. Make it interesting. You can consult with the OOH advertising service provider company.

Then choose a really strategic location. Consider it from all directions. Next, determine the size. Then, you can monitor the impact of the advertisements that have been created. Is it effective or not.


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