3D robot billboards are usually easy to find on various highways located in the city center. It is also found in tall buildings. So it’s easy for people to see.

Moreover, with the sophistication of information and communication technology, making advertisements displayed using this billboard is 3 dimensional.

Therefore it feels more real and attracts the attention of many people. Especially if this board is located in a strategic part such as on the edge of flyovers and toll roads.

Here are some of the advantages of digital billboards using LED displays. When compared to the usual billboards.

Advantages of 3D Robot Billboard

Digital billboards using LED displays are currently more attractive. The reason is in addition to displaying some amazing visual effects. Apart from that, it has other advantages. To find out more, see the following review.


Currently this 3d robot billboard can be commercial or non-commercial. Can be used in various fields, for example for the stage or 3d museum.

Through the LED display all information to be conveyed to the general public. Can be conveyed easily and packaged in an attractive form.

You also don’t need to worry if you have a fairly large amount of information. Of course all that information can be entered and displayed using the LED display.

Meanwhile, if you use billboards as usual, the information displayed is also limited, and only glued to it.

Breaking Traditional Ads

The purpose of this advertisement is to attract the general public to be interested in what is offered. Therefore when you use a 3d robot billboard. The first impression that will be felt by various people who pass the road.

Will turn or at least glimpse the ads presented in the LED display. In addition, the packaging is also interesting and amazed. Because some of the images or videos that are presented feel real and don’t look like ordinary advertisements.

Over time, these digital billboards will replace the regular billboards. This is supported by technological advances that are increasingly rapidly from day to day.

Stunning Dynamic Visual Effects

The videos presented in the 3d robot billboards are not just shooting pictures as usual. However, it also uses some animations that make the video presented more interesting.

For example using shadow effects, rotate, zoom and many others. Even some people feel the images presented are real. Proficient animation and editing game. Will produce stunning dynamic visual effects.

Especially when combined with the spotlight and a strategic position. Then the ad can be iconic, informative and aesthetic.

Durable and Long Lasting Use

The LED display will display a high-resolution image. This results in clear images incorporated in the video, the right color sharpness, stunning color gradations, and maximum brightness.

Of course very different from ordinary billboards. Ordinary billboards in a certain period of time the image quality will decrease.

Usually the color and writing on the billboard will fade. This is caused by the influence of weather, dust and dirt. Therefore the durability of the time of use will also be reduced. In fact, many require maintenance and repairs.

As for the 3d robot board that uses an LED display. It is intended for long term use. Usually, if it is continuously lit, this digital billboard can last 100,000 hours.

Fast Technical Process

Actually, the installation of a 3d robot billboard is almost the same as a regular billboard. Of course it requires a frame and support poles.

However, for this digital billboard, after ordering, it can be installed immediately. So it doesn’t take long. As for ordinary billboards, it takes quite a long time.

Because you have to make sure that the image that has been printed is really appropriate. In addition, you also have to wait for the paint to dry before printing.

And if there is a change in the usual billboard advertisement, it cannot be simply dismantled. It will definitely take a relatively long time.

Very different from the board that uses this LED display. You just create a content schedule for each day. Then the content will automatically appear. According to the schedule that you have previously created.

Information Easier to Understand

Thanks to this visual display, it is easier for the public or the general public to absorb. Then, it also digests the displayed information. Moreover, the information provided is in the form of videos and is always changing.

So that it does not bore the reader or others. This 3D robot billboard is very different from the regular billboard. Billboards usually present long writing accompanied by pictures. Sometimes this is what makes people reluctant to read it.


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